We are a store of clothing, accessories and items with libertarian themes, for freedom lovers. Show all your love of freedom, don’t tread on me! The first libertarian shop totally dedicated to the libertarian public.


The Gadsden Flag is a historic flag of the United States, with a yellow background with a rattlesnake contracted and ready to attack. Underneath the snake it reads “DONT TREAD ON ME” (“DO NOT TREAD ON ME”). The flag is named after its creator, American general and politician Christopher Gadsden (1724-1805), who designed it in 1775 during the American Revolution. It was used by the Continental Marines as a motto flag, along with the Moultrie flag. The Rattlesnake as a symbol of the American Colonies was proposed by Benjamin Franklin, as it seems to him a vigilant and magnanimous animal, which however attacks fatally, if provoked or challenged.

Our suppliers use industry-leading technology to make our products look amazing:

  • Kornit series printers and inks for apparel
  • DTG Embroidery Machines
  • Happy and Tajima Mimaki series printers and inks
  • Mimaki UV Printers Epson Series Printers and Inks
  • SubliJET HD Ink
  • All orders undergo a 3-step quality check before being shipped:

Automated software checks graphics quality before printing

  • Service specialists check quality as orders are printed
  • Final quality check after printing and curing